There’s a new wind in our sails. As we evolve our several decades of marine industry experience into a more sharply defined and diverse one stop shop for all marine needs. Our accumulated industry know-how and familiarity with the market conditions means that we are enviably poised to understand the emerging needs of the industry and provide the best suited solutions. Our new journey means global brands at your doorstep. With the well known Esmario service back up, rest assured you are always sailing in profitable waters. Fuel efficiencies, newer technologies, lighter and more powerful engines, state of the art power and auxiliary power solutions, a range of easily available accessories, a robust and well dispersed service network and more. All of them working in tandem, to deliver that one promise of the best products for the best results. The new Esmario also means the old-fashioned expertise packaged to match today’s needs and business demands. Honda, Tohatsu, FNM, Hyundai Seasall, Baudouin, D-I, Baysan Marine, Kohler are some of the global names that will sail with Esmario in the Indian market. What does it mean for your business? Global technologies, local support. Higher efficiencies coupled with greater reliability. Explore the new Esmario. New winds of change are blowing your way…


  • Decades of experience on the sea and in the boatyard. Decades of earned wisdom is available to businesses of all sizes.
  • Customised solutions, not merely a catalogue. Careful listening to the prospect and then devising the right solution from our basket of products is the avowed principle.
  • Aid in selection, installation, operation, not to mention maintenance and warranty, is an Esmario way.
  • Our customer service teams have deep dive product-specific knowledge, skills, and experience. They combine this with responsiveness and constant updates.
  • Esmario CRM works in conjunction with sales and customer service. The advantage you gain is personalized attention and service.
  • Reputation of global brands is married with our India credentials. Global technology and trust, local service and dependability.
Matching the needs of the market with our solutions drives our business journey. In that quest we have built partnerships, long standing relationships and created market facing entities to serve the needs . Three entities are at play – – Esmario Export Enterprises (EEE), Esmario Marine and Ligoria Marine.
Over the years

Waves of legacy

The flagship of the Esmario journey, Esmario Export Enterprises (EEE) has been a go to companion for decades….


Formed in 2015, Esmario Marine was specially created to harness the engineering strengths the Esmario brand and its decades of marine expertise with various sea conditions and types of business demands


Formed in 2019, Ligoria Marine is the youngest of the family of marine entities. Specially set up to explore wider opportunities in the marine engines’ market.



We begin with understanding our customer’s needs. Our years of ground level experience and ingenuity combines to deliver efficient and reliable solutions. Our always on support ensures the best sea faring experience.


Our customer facing and service teams have their ears to the ground. They are trained to listen to customer needs and pain points. This in turn helps us to create solutions and rewrite response times that best serve your business.


Customer support means network presence. It also demands that we have well equipped workshops with skilled experts and machines. We have service workshops in Kollam, Hyderabad, Ratnagiri and Nagercoil.


We work with the best brands in the world. Their technologies become your choices and can support your business growth and efficiencies, courtesy Esmario. Global best made locally available is the Esmario offering.

Esmario is dedicated to the Indian marine industry. We work with a commitment to meet all the present and emerging needs with a method and understanding of the evolving requirements. Our frameworks, technologies, people and more are all geared to ensure that Esmario remains a one stop shop for all marine needs.


To emerge as a one stop shop for the Indian Marine Industry by providing cutting-edge products, global brands and customized solutions in Propulsion, Power and Auxiliary Power segments and truly emerge as India’s first choice in the industry.


We are firmly committed to our philosophy of Always in Step. We live by it and that is what drives us to provide tailored solutions, world class service and translate our accumulated experience in the industry into dynamic and resonant solutions. Technology and service are harmonized to deliver new waves of customer delight.


Cutting edge technology: State of the art, industry benchmarked products.
Service: Expertise, honesty and workmanship without compromising on integrity and timelines.
Business impact: Committed to the highest standards of efficiency and uptime for our customers.