Availability of accessories is an essential input for smooth, delay-free operations. This is a business requirement and no one understands it better than us at Esmario. We are a one stop shop for all the much needed accessories.


Solas and Esmario are together. What does that mean to your choice of propellers? You get boat props that are constructed of high chromium stainless steel or strong, squeeze-cast aluminum. You can also get propellers which are suitable for small outboards. You can choose from 1,000 blade variations of material, style, hubs, size and pitch. Solas with Esmario means you get propellers that fit a wide range of boats from 2.5 to 400 horsepower. For multi-engine, counter-rotation offshore applications, we have an exceptional selection of left hand rotation propellers. Before you choose the propeller ask yourself what is important to you…Top Speed, Cruising Speed, Hole Shot, Load Carrying, Slow-Speed Handling, Slow Trolling, Fast Trolling? Two identical boats with identical engines could be propped quite differently, depending on the usage, water conditions, and load. The two most important things to remember in choosing a propeller are that it meets your individual needs for your individual application and that it allows the engine(s) to run within the specified RPM range at full throttle. Now that you have some tips on choosing the right propeller, remember you have the proven Esmario service by your side.


FOUNDED IN 1985 BY DR. SOLAS Y. J. LIN SOLAS® is one of the most well known and trusted names in outboard and stern drive propellers! Their success is largely due to superior design and craftsmanship from team SOLAS®. SOLAS® combines world class research and design, highly skilled workers, cost-effective material sourcing, and a technologically advanced manufacturing facility to deliver the highest quality of products to its customers.


To choose the best filter for your marine engine and boat, how about discovering some unique and patented technology called MICROBLOC® Technology from the globally renowned Griffins. What you gain from it is a 99.8% efficiency at separating water from fuel. Filtering out particles as small as 2 microns in size. Griffins with Esmario also means you get multi-layered filtration. Fit to last than several other available options, Griffin Fuel Filter Water Separators enhance engine performance and reliability. Last but not the least, Griffin Fuel Filter Water Separators are the right choice for fuel filtration. Relying on research, science, and technology rather than marketing hype, Griffin products meet and exceed leading brands at competitive prices. A Griffin filtration system with MICROBLOC® is simply the best-performing and most cost-effective choice for your filtration needs.


Griffin Group is a global provider of products and services for the filtration industry, utilizing proprietary technology developed from over 40 years of professional experience purifying petroleum-contaminated seawater. In 2003, their scientists developed the revolutionary filtration technology MICROBLOC® used exclusively by Griffin filtration systems. MICROBLOC® Multi-Grade Filtration Media Elements have tested 99.8% effective in separating water from fuel and can remove solid contaminants as small as two microns in size.


Here Esmario’s pick is Ultraflex Italy and the USA. And there are more reasons than one for that. Established in 1935, Ultraflex is a leader in steering and control systems for the marine industry. It supports all sectors of the marine industry, regardless of the volume and/or product requirements. As part of a global Group, Ultraflex has solid resources to draw upon for new product development in hydraulics, electronics and many other technologies. Innovative product design and unparalleled dedication to quality, customer service and support to the market continue to be the main drive of Ultraflex’s reputation and growth. Today Ultraflex products can be found as originally installed equipment on many of the most widely known and respected boat brands in the world. From steering wheels to sophisticated electronic steering systems and controls, Ultraflex has everything you need to make sure that your boat looks and performs it’s best for many, many years. And Esmario can make that possible.


With two decades of experience in manufacturing and distribution of motion control engineering products, the MULTIFLEX range of products are manufactured at multi location plants of Excel Controlinkage Pvt. Ltd. The core strength lies in their fully dedicated DESIGN division which uses CAD software like Solid Works, Solid Edge & AutoCad among others to develop & design the products and process control systems. This allows them to not only ensure reliable and quality products but also allows them to increase their product offerings to their customers including customization of products and services.


Our search for the best quality sea water pump manufacturer led us to JMP Korea. JMP corporation has 30 years of history in marine pumps in Korea and specializes in flexible impeller pumps also known as sea(raw) water pumps or cooling pumps and flexible impellers. JMP corporation is the leading manufacturer of marine pumps in Korea. Partner to some of the world’s leading marine engine companies and a variety of marinizers and specially for aftermarket programs. JMP manufactures a line of longer lasting impellers that can be cross referenced with other name brand companies by special branding rubber material for marine application on house. JMP pumps are marked by their high performance, strong durability, excellent Quality and economical price. From JMP and Esmario you van get complete pumps, compatible rebuilt kits and separate replacement parts.


The JMP corporation have been designing and producing high quality bronze & flexible impeller cooling pumps since 1977. JMP were the first company in South Korea to develop flexible impeller pumps. They are now the #1 flexible impeller supplier in Asia and export to over 30 countries as well as supplying directly to many of the world’s leading engine manufacturers. Flexible impeller pumps provide an efficient solution to most marine pumping needs, from Bilge and Deckwash to fire fighting applications. JMP have a wide range of pumps suitable for over 15 different engine brands and are well known for both their quality, and strive to be the best.


We can help you choose the right Sacrificial Anode. In fact, these don’t have to be zinc. They are now commonly available in aluminum and magnesium in addition to zinc. Often, non-zinc anodes are actually the better choice. Zinc works well in saltwater and has been the traditional anode metal for a long time, but it’s also the heaviest option and is more toxic for the environment. Aluminum is lightweight and works in both salt and brackish waters. In addition, they may last up to 50% longer in saltwater. Magnesium is the best anode to use in fresh water, but does not perform as well in salt water. So which sacrificial anode? Leave the answer to us. Esmario with Tecno Seal Italy can bring you the largest range of anodes in the world.


TECNOSEAL is one of the world’s leading suppliers of sacrificial anodes for cathodic protection in the following markets: leisure boat, shipping & offshore applications.
With over 30 years of experience, we manufacture and supply Zinc, Aluminium
and Magnesium anodes directly from their foundry in Grosseto (Tuscany) and today they have the largest range of anodes choice in the world, with almost 2000 anodes in standard production and more than 3000 custom manufactured items specifically requested by customers.