To always stay on water and riding with the winds without any downtime should be your objective. We help you get there with an assortment of processes, people and experience. Esmario is known to have highly trained, tested and certified Technicians. Whether it is the simple to complex repairs, re-powering, or preventative maintenance to extend the life of your motor, Esmario means honest evaluation of your repair needs, professional service, fair pricing, and prompt personalized attention.  Our technicians and engineers are trained and equipped to smartly and precisely locate and repair the engine issue. They by routine give an assessment status and act accordingly. Repair or replace, we do it correctly and within the promised timelines. Unique to Esmario is our Always by your side philosophy where once you buy anything from us – products, parts etc., we will be there with support and service. Esmario’s service covers the wide range of global brands that come from us.


  • Hands on experience in selling, servicing and maintaining global brands in an always seaworthy condition.
  • Trained, mature technicians and a process driven service approach. Esmario possesses its own service playbook hat has helped it sail the service waters successfully and credibly for decades.
  • Knowledge coupled with honesty means we diagnose the problems accurately and give you a solution that best works on cost and efficiency.
  • Esmario prevents excess and repeat maintenance, and mitigates business losses because of service downtime with its prompt and adherence to committed service timelines.
  • A well spread service network on an evolving hub and spoke model is available to fisher folk and businesses right across the Indian coast line.
  • Always by your side is Esmario’s unique service philosophy.
Over the years

Waves of legacy

“They understand my urgencies. They explain everything very clearly. My business has been kept successful by their attentive and personalized service. .”

MILND JADHAV / Maratha Fisheries, Alibaug

“They don’t delay. Once they commit on the timelines they adhere to them. And right through the service cycle they stay in touch. Engineers and technicians are knowledgeable, are well trained and patiently understand my anxieties and need to be back at the sea the earliest.”

DEVARAJAN / Ambey Seafoods, Nagercoil

“Esmario means service of global standards. They have the people, equipment and the culture of keeping things simple and supportive. Always by your side is their philosophy. I have experienced it many a time. In fact for decades that has been my memory of Esmario.

Richard Kutty / Munnar Fisheries, Kochi